A man who loves himself is complete, grateful, full of passion to discover and experience his divine nature.
He does not need unlimited interactionns with others to acknowledge his self worth since he knows who he is at soul level . He embraces his light and shadow with courage as well as his truth accepting it and sticking to the golden ratio.
He knows his energetic values and gifts which he successfully implements into his phisical realm manifesting unlimited abundance.
He recognizes himself being much more than physial body, ego he discovers his multidimensional spiritual being within his heart and conciousness. He is not satisfied with conventional way of perception.
He knows his highest path and purpose, heading for his enlightenment with a precise gps.
He does not allow any energetic rape, holding his sacred space for himself.
No one can fool him anymore, he does not buy any illusion spread in mainstream or by organized religions.
He knows his Divine Source of energy.
Do you know your Divine Gifts?
A day full of joy everyone <3

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