Discover how you can become the empowered creator of your human experience and truly thrive in a liberated life, by living in alignment with who you are at soul-level…

I offer a number of Akashic Record readings and Soul Realignment sessions in which you can:

  • Discover the unique gifts you embody at soul-level; the keys to the highest expression of your soul purpose
  • Learn how your past choices, including those made in past lives, have created your current experience
  • Clear the past life soul-level blocks (such as unjustified karma, vows, entity attachments, mental and emotional blocks and more that are preventing you from living the highest expression of your Divinity and enjoying the abundant life you truly desire

As a Soul Realignment Practitioner I will  assist you in realigning to your Divine Soul Blueprint  living in a human experience. The clearing work I facilitate via the Akashic records will enable you to release lifetimes of negative influences that are keeping you stuck in cycles of limitation, disempowerment or lack of any kind.  This healing work is multidimensional in nature and the clearing and realignment occurs at the 5th, 4th and 3rd dimensions of being.

All sessions are conducted via  telephone – free teleconference line .

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I invite you to Activate Your manifesting mojo, Expand your creativity, get your business into Flow & open up your intuition. YOUR SOUL GIFTS HOLD THE KEY. As a powerful creative soul, you have talents and abilities that open doors to abundance, creativity, & an area of genius that only you can offer. Are you wanting to get out of your own way? If you’ve ever desired to live larger, express your creativity more boldly, find the courage to start that business & create more abundance – this is what being an empowered, creative soul is all about… and it’s your soul purpose. You’re here to experience your soul gifts and create amazing experiences that light you up! If you’re dreaming it… it’s possible! To manifest powerfully, we’ve got to get our Inner & Outer Games Aligned. What happens when you soul gifts can’t flow freely? You get frustrated, stuck and maybe even a little soul-sick. Your creative inspiration dries up, & your health or manifesting may be affected. When you’re out of FLOW, life feels hard. You miss opportunities, tolerate things, and “get by”. It’s surviving rather than thriving. Does this sound familiar? Here’s what’s going on from a soul perspective: You’re not working with your SOUL GIFTS & there are energetic obstacles standing in your way. You may feel unclear about what your true gifts are (it’s pretty common to overlook them). You’re also not conscious of how you created the blocks, but they make you feel limited, restricted or stuck. For creative folks, these blocks often show up via a vicious inner critic, overwhelm with all the possibilities, perfectionism, fear of being seen, imposter syndrome (I’m not a real artist…), money manifesting issues, health imbalances, and relationship patterns that weigh you down. You may be trying to start a business or build a creative practice, but it’s just not coming together. You may struggle to find your authentic voice & trying to get outside validation for a creative path is an uphill battle. The outer steps to meet that goal are all learn-able & there are tons of people out there taking them, making money, creating their art, sharing it on social media, rearranging their schedules to make room for what they love & having amazing lives. But if you’ve been trying to do this & are finding that it’s always 1 step forward 3 steps back… there’s something going on within you that’s holding you back… and that’s exactly what a Soul Realignment addresses. Our outer experience is greatly affected by our inner reality. Often, it’s the act of taking those steps & struggling that leads us to look within, but sometimes the fears are so great we fail to even begin. To manifest powerfully we’ve got to get our inner game & our outer game aligned. Your Soul connection has everything to do with the experience you’re currently having. When You’re out of alignment with your Soul Gifts you have a much harder time creating what you want. It Means You’re out of Flow. Getting aligned with your own Soul essence Reboots your system & opens doors to manifesting BETTER & FASTER. A Soul Realignment Reading shows you exactly what has been keeping you from accessing your unique gifts & energetically clears the specific blocks that have been holding you back. If you want to uplevel your life, this experience is like hitting the reset button. You will get clear about your unique SOUL GIFTS & what has been blocking you from expressing them. It’s also a catalyst for uncovering new possibilities you haven’t thought of before. You’ll get direction on the action steps you can start taking right away to create what you DO want & course correct where you’ve manifested something that’s not a great fit. When you know your SOUL GIFTS, clear those inner energetic blocks, & combine this with new action ~ you’ve got the recipe for powerful alchemy & potent manifesting. You are a creative soul so creating new experiences is what you’re here to do. Making tangible changes will require different choices & actions on your part. When the blocks are cleared, new doors open, bright ideas & options you hadn’t thought of before arrive… and it becomes easier to take the courageous steps necessary to transform your life. You may be wondering how in the world a reading can be the catalyst for such big shifts, & I often have people ask what this process is all about. So here’s the skinny: This intuitive reading provides you with wisdom from your Akashic Record – that’s the energetic record of your soul’s history. You can learn about who you are at soul level along with the choices & experiences your soul has had over lifetimes. The information you learn is a map to your inner riches. It’s still up to you to put this information into action. Your willingness to take this information & DO something with it determines the results you’ll have & how quickly they show up. The massive shifts occur when you take your map and start following a new path. Your reading and the clearing work make that path visible, elevate your vibration & help dial down the fears & resistance that have kept you from changing your life in the past. Here are a Few Ways A Soul Realignment Supports Your Creative Life & Business: • OPEN THE CHANNELS TO YOUR INTUITION & connect with your creative muse & inspiration. • CLEAR CHALLENGES AROUND SELF-DOUBT & JUDGMENT that fuel your inner critic & shut you down. • Understand your SOUL GIFTS & get past the creative overwhelm that comes from not knowing what to do next & a pile up of unexpressed creative ideas. • CLEAR BLOCKS AROUND VISIBILITY & the fear of being seen so you can get your work out into the world & get your business off the ground. • DISSOLVE THE WORRY around “what other people think.” A major key to freedom! • CLEAR YOUR ENERGETIC FIELDS of other people’s energy, emotions & desires so you can unburden yourself, get back in your own skin and know what you truly want. • Get your vital life force energy flowing so you can MANIFEST FASTER & BETTER. • Step firmly into your power so you can TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR TIME & build the creative practice you only dream about right now. • REMOVE BLOCKS TO ABUNDANCE & get insight into the mindset shifts to embrace in order to do money in a whole new way. • Find your AUTHENTIC VOICE & dial down the fear and resistance that holds you back from doing the very thing that would light you up. The Experience: • We’ll connect via teleconference line or for about 3-4 hours, so settle into a comfy spot with a cup of tea, glass of water. I open your Akashic Records to gather your information and do your clearing prior to our session. • Once the session begins, I’ll share all of the information with you, let you know what was cleared, and we’ll talk about new empowered choices you can make going forward. I will send you customized “homework” following your reading to help you integrate the vibrational shifts and take new action that aligns to your Soul. You’ll also receive a recording of your reading so you can relax and take everything in if you prefer not to take notes. • Your Soul Gifts • I’ll look up your Soul Blueprint & your primary soul gifts. This is the key to your abundance and where you’ll find your flow. We’ll talk about how you can embrace these gifts and what’s possible when you’re living in alignment with them. This information alone is a huge game-changer. • Your Primary Life Lesson • Learn what theme your soul chose to experience in your current lifetime. We’ll talk about how life lessons “work” and how this theme is showing up for you. We’ll also discuss more empowering choices you can make to experience your life lesson in a positive way. Blocks & Restrictions We’ll dive deep into your soul’s history to discover the energetic blocks and restrictions you’ve created. Everyone has these, and we’ve created them ourselves through our choices. Mostly, we have no conscious memory of how these were created… but we experience the difficulties they continue to generate. If you’ve ever wondered why you keep experiencing the same roadblocks, and fighting the same battles, this information will explain a lot Past Lives Often, the blocks & restrictions have been created in past lifetimes. Your reading will reveal information about these past lives in order to uncover the root causes of patterns that aren’t serving your soul. You gain an understanding of the choices you made & the part you played. It’s extremely freeing & empowering to understand that we’re never victims of randomness ~ you always have the power of choice to change your experiences for the better. Energetic Clearing & Healing in your Akashic Record Your reading will include a deeply healing energetic clearing of all the blocks and restrictions we uncover. This is like hitting the reset button. This clearing is done in your Akashic Record prior to our conversation, so you can relax in knowing that your guides and spiritual helpers have your back and have taken care of this work for you in the higher realms. A recording of Your Session Because we connect via phone I am able to record your session & and send it to you. You can get comfy & relax during your session because you can go back & listen as many times as you want. You won’t miss anything important & may discover that you get different insights when you re-listen down the road. Customized Homework Because it’s so important to take new action to ground the benefits of your reading, I send you some fun customized homework that you can begin right away. It helps you integrate the clearing work, and bring a small but profound new action step into your daily life. This reading is perfect for you if… • You’re ready to take NEW ACTION to transform your life & make your creative ideas REAL. • You’re tired of the same old patterns of struggle and are ready to make bold changes. • You’ve been taking action towards a business or creative practice but haven’t seen the results you desire. • You’re ready to take responsibility for what you’ve created so far, and step into a more empowered & authentic experience. • You want to understand your soul gifts and put them into practice. It’s Not a great fit if… • You want a magical solution to your problems that doesn’t involve any change on your part. • You want to browse through your past lives out of curiosity. • You’re not willing to support your own shifts by taking new actions. • You’re looking for a way to abdicate responsibility for your life and fortify your status as a victim of circumstances. What are the Akashic Records? The Akashic Records are the energetic archive of your soul’s collective experiences. They are accessed intuitively and provide information about who you are at soul level, your past lives, and guidance for living in alignment with your authentic gifts. Why are my intentions important to a reading? When you schedule a reading with me, you’ll notice that I always ask what you are committed to creating in the next 3-6 months? It’s important for you to set intentions for a reading because the information and experience is extremely responsive to your energy. You are the powerful creator of your experiences in life and therefore your energy determines the quality and direction of your session. It really is all about you : ) and that’s why I ask you to step fully into the driver’s seat and clarify what you really want to receive. It grounds the reading and deepens the experience all around. How is an Akashic Record Reading different from an astrology, tarot or other type of intuitive session? An Akashic Record Reading is different from most other types of intuitive readings in that it directly accesses your soul’s archive which spans all of your lifetimes. In a reading you can expect to gain insight about qualities that make up your soul blueprint and span all your soul’s experiences. It’s information about your essence that you can use to manifest and create a more fulfilling life. It isn’t a reading geared toward predictions, contact with deceased loved ones or answers to questions like “should I buy the house when mercury is in retrograde?” What are “blocks and restrictions”? When I refer to energetic blocks and restrictions I am talking about the negative residue and filters that have been created by you over lifetimes. We all create these negative energies (albeit oftentimes unconsciously) due to negative choices we have made. Within the context of my Akashic Record work, a negative choice is basically anything that takes us out of alignment with our divinity. Negative choices get made all the time, but often we aren’t aware of the energetic consequences. Also, these choices have a cumulative effect and can create filters that obscure the truth… thus contributing to more negative choices. Clearing these energies opens the door to living a more authentic and empowered existence because we are able to see our truth more clearly and create in alignment with our Soul. We still have to take action and walk through that door, but the way is cleared.