Thank you very much for your being interested who I am and what is my background.
Unfortunately you will not find my life as interesting as a Hollywood bestseller’s story nor meet anybody who is unusual or special.
I am a happy mother of 3 wonderful grwon up kids, enjoying very much helping others finding their way to unlimited abundance.
My spiritual journey started in my late teens when I felt deeply focused on dowsing and energy work connected with healing arts.
It gave me the first insight that the world around is much more than only a solid body. I was not satisfied with the common answers to my arising, complicated questions which were much more beyond capacity of my college and university masters and teachers to answer.
My intutive abilities were expanding and this left me feeling strange since I did know what to do with them so I reqested the Universe for assistnace and guess what – I was given everything I needed to grow, find my personal abilities worthy and useful, people who shown on my path deeply empowered me and made me who I am today.
I am highly specialized in advanced transcendental dowsing and transmuting energy, DNA activation and kinesiology.
I found Reiki a very helpful tool for healing not only my clients but firstly myself so I followed all steps to become Usui Reiki Master and Teacher. I found my personal way to blend it together with shamanic wisdom as well as with holistic approach of tantra healing.
I am certified Master Level Soul Realigment practitioner giving intuitive readings helping others meet their Soul’s Divine wisdom and gifts, overcoming obstacles preventing them from fast and constant manifestetion within human experience.

I am looking forward working with you so that you also may enjoy your life’s highest path and purpose having all you need and want to grow and expand conciousness.
Knowing your Divine gifts helps create unlimited abundance in your 3d reality.
Abundance in my definicion is not only the money in your wallet or bank account but first of all having great job where you can be happy and creative, great loving relationship with the one, successfull social life, great friends whom you can rely on, living in a house of your dreams, being able to enjoy human experience through traveling and doing everything what brings you joy and happiness.
I do guarantee 100% success if you decide to implement universal wisdom into new choices congruent to your soul’s highest good.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.